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Tour Da Nang - Hue - Phong Nha, Ke Bang in 2010

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Phong Nha CaveTo create conditions for the employees after the days hard work, the company has held for all employees and their families to travel in Danang - Hue - Phong Nha Ke Bang 5 days 4 nights from 8.11 to dated 15/08/2010.

This is an opportunity for employees to relax and also help raise the spirit of unity, sticking together in the collective. And the company has chosen Viet Holiday Travel Company organized this trip.

Day 1: Bien Hoa - Ho Chi Minh - Hoi An - Da Nang:

Morning, buses  to the Tan Son Nhat airport to fly to Da Nang airport. After lunch at Pho Hoi restaurant - Hoi An, Visit the ancient town of Hoi An.



Step into the old town, before a team surprised the world in isolation, separated from all power flow and destruction of time. There was no engine roars did not have the brand brilliantly colored lights. All has receded back, both space and time are deposited in the folds of the ancient wood. Bridge God this two storeyed turned the Hoai River, Hoi consistent Guangdong, Fujian ... quietly existed for people nostalgic for a time past. It seems people are living with the past when the annoyances of life are currently not available.



Continue journey to visit the Marble Mountains - known as "Nam Thien danh thang" It seems that nobody has ever known is known Danang Marble. It is well known that many people want to see it as a symbol of this land.

Space fanciful, romantic, temples and caves, trees and temple bell, and the solid surf the same place ... not far from downtown, has long Marble is really a natural realm for pregnant travelers.


Before the hotel, both teams are Non Nuoc beach - A most beautiful beaches in Danang.
Talking to Da Nang not to mention the romantic Han River and Han River bridge - the bridge turn first in Vietnam - the pride of the city. Han River Bridge is a symbol of new life, the aspiration to go to the city was built with the contributions of all people. It seems that all poetic beauty of the Han River just reveal a fine in the space of Han river bridge windy and cool at night. And we did not want to miss the opportunity to contemplate turning the Han River Bridge in the everning.

Day 2: Da Nang - Ba Na - Quang Binh:

To Ba Na Hills, both teams enjoy and admire a miraculous beauty of natural mountainous Ba Na Hills. Union and also the opportunity to explore and conquer the peak Bana cable car system was the first international presence in Vietnam reached a record high second and longest World.

You will feel like floating on clouds or touch the panoramic view from above Danang, enjoy a romantic honeymoon vacation, passionate unforgettable.

In the afternoon, we went through Quang Tri province, a region most devastated in the war. Quang Tri Citadel Place each permanent echo in news of all war news round the world 35 years ago - the summer 1972 fire red. That day, thousands of soldiers swam across the river into the Old City of Thach Han and many were permanently located with the river, only to veterans Le Ba Duong peace back on a boat filled with white lilies and drop down the river visiting friends, and from my heart, love verses regurgitate blood for the team: “Đò xuôi Thạch Hãn xin chèo nhẹ, Đáy sông còn đó bạn tôi nằm, Có tuổi hai mươi thành sóng nước, Vỗ yên bờ bãi mãi ngàn năm...”. 

Day 3: Visit Phong Nha - Ke Bang:

After Buffet breakfast at hotel, Depart to visit Phong Nha - Landscapes by UNESCO as world natural wonders. Door activities, mountains of water even more attractive, impressive nature with numerous interesting images appear as suggestive of the human imagination. It was smart to name this place is beautiful Phong Nha Cave.

To Phong Nha, visitors must go through about 25 minutes by boat on the River Son. Cruise on the river bottom will be blue for visitors to enjoy the moment more interesting by painting the surrounding water.

The boat slowly approached the shop, people admiring, amazed by the natural beauty of the shapes in the cave by creating stalactites. Not really beyond any description. How much scenery, strange shapes in the world or heaven ... is depending on visitors' imagination. But one must also acknowledge the wonderful gift nature has given this place.

Evening, held VIET HOLIDAY Program interaction - Night JSC meeting Honey bees Dong Nai, 2010. A program that everyone most expected.



Along gather together, and wish each other health and co-workers engaged in the company.


 Day 3: Quang Binh - Hue:

Goodbye land of Quang Binh, and continue to journey back into town. On the way, we had visited the Truong Son Cemetery.

This cemetery is the largest national martyr, the collective grave of youth volunteers, soldiers, the fire line ... people who build and fight to protect the trail of the legendary Ho Chi Minh during the resistance war against American.



Truong Son Cemetery has a total area of 106ha, 46ha of which put 10,327 martyrs tomb is divided into five zones. Center located on a 32.4 m high hill with a white stone memorial soaring majesty, hollow and physically on three sides, expressing great sorrow. The burial place of four martyrs are classified by province and city in the hills go on .. Each zone has architectural memorial with subtle images of rural country.

We lit an incense together to commemorate the heroic martyrs who have fallen for the country's independence today.

Hue - relics of the ancient capital was comparable to the wonders of thousands of years of humanity in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Throughout all three buildings up, when the concrete paving when the conventional nature, Shinto path running from the shore of the river bearing on their vital structures of the capital city of Hue: welcome Luong Dinh, Phu Van Lau, Ky Dai, Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, the chief power needed, power Can Thanh, Khon Thai, Jianzhong floor ... Shinto roadside are hundreds of large and small buildings symmetric, steady mix plants, the flicker when hiding out among the colors of nature, always gives people a feeling of gentle serenity. Distance west of the capital city, located on both sides of the Perfume River, the tombs of the Nguyen kings considered the achievements of landscape architecture goods.



Each tomb of King Nguyen reflect the life and personality of the owners are at rest: Tomb of Gia Long rustic between majestic mountains and forests, but the same message that the viewer feel the atmosphere of a war hero general who has undergone hundreds of matches; Minh Mang Tomb elegance edit comments posted on the mountain lakes are cleverly embellished, should be able to see the mighty heart of a political will of the talented and dignified character of a poet regulated; Tomb Us intensive treatment seriously, profound tumor aggregates keep just place the Appearance is not native, also expressed the interest portion of a super-Vietnamese poet in the literature but not the connection is even money in politics, poetic Tu Duc lyrical formed mainly by the subtlety of the human landscape here remind visitors of an image that I have heavy human sympathy by the enthusiasm of a king fails through weakness of character a poet ...

Night after night, we are on the dragon boat and down the Perfume ring tone shifts to the South Ai Hue, Nam Binh, Phu Luc gentle, ethereal.

Listen listen to Hue is not only singing but also enjoy the beauty of Hue on the night of shimmering lights flower. These are distinctions that only a new Hue.

When listening to songs of Hue, we will see high lyrical, gentle and elegant, but deep, cheerful without chaos, but sorrow of grief. If the player can understand the mood and people can afford ca Hue express thoughts, feelings Hue honestly, deeply. That is the reason to shift to live forever in the heart of Hue Hue and those who have been to Hue.

Day 4: Hue - HCMC - Bien Hoa:

Morning, We visited the Thien Mu Pagoda - one of the most ancient religious architecture and the most beautiful temples in Hue.Ten derived from a legend.

It is said that, since ancient times, local people usually see every night, an old woman wearing a red shirt, green pants appears on the hill where the temple is located today and said it will have to set foot lord to build the temple here air for long lasting disease. When finished talking, she disappeared. After the town of Thuan Hoa, Lord Nguyen Hoang was going through a hearing that, built the temple and named Thien Mu Pagoda.

Lunch, we went shopping at Dong Ba market. The type of sauce as sauce Ro, shrimp sauce, shrimp, tomatoes, ... are things that the siblings bought most of the group gift to relatives. Afternoon, the delegation had lunch at the hotel, and car to check the delegation to the Phu Bai Airport - Bay City back. HCM. Both teams say goodbye to loved Hue, Central farewell beloved.


The other informations:

APIDONA awarded HACCP Certificate.

Seminar “Traceability and production of organic honey”.

Meeting team leaders of “Clean Beekeepers Club” in 2010.

Ceremony commended “Learning Good - Good Life” 2010.

The 11th Annual General  Meeting of Shareholders.


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